Imagery from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado now in Google Earth

As they did not long after Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast United States last fall, Google has just pushed out new imagery from the devastating tornado that recently hit Moore, Oklahoma.


The imagery was captured on May 21, 2013, just one day after the tornado hit.  It’s not the default imagery for the area, but if you simply fly to Moore and turn on the Historical Imagery layer you’ll see it.  For a bit of help with that, this KML file will fly you there and turn on the historical imagery for you.

Thanks to GEB reader ‘Munden’ for letting us know about it.

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  1. What about concrete made houses?

  2. Sadly Moore is now Leess.

  3. menonachs says:

    Google also updated street view in Goshen, Tipton, Pixley, & Earlimart from March/April 2013

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