Google continues to improve their ocean map

In celebration of World Oceans Day this past weekend, Google offered up a sneak peek at some improvements that are coming to the ocean data in Google Earth.  Some of the examples they showed were quite impressive!


Google has released major improvements to the ocean a few times in the past.  In January, 2009 they updated the aerial view of the ocean with more realistic imagery and followed that up a month later with the 3D ocean (as part of Google Earth 5) that we now enjoy.

This new data will take things even further, as Google is working with NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center and the University of Colorado CIRES program to help improve the quality of the ocean layer.  To help you dive into the new data, Google has created this KMZ tour to show you around.

(via +Google Earth)

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  1. SpiderX22 says:

    It still bugs me that they trim so close to the ocean, leaving out lots of little things just a bit off shore. Yes, you can see it if you open timeslider, but that can get annoying.

  2. Lord David Alcock says:

    I find google earth a complete waste of time. All I see is a black planet with dots of light and grid lines. No matter what I try to do and how I set it up I cannot see anything on the earth at all. Instead of wasting time making the oceans 3D etc sort out the ongoing problem for people that can see bugger all on the land first. I am not being funny I have uninstalled and reinstalled google earth umpteen times I am using a Mac running osx 10.6.8. No amount of tagging and untagging elements in google earth such as Nasa setting has worked for me. Bring back the old google earth, at least I was able to see something!

  3. menonachs says:

    Google also updated street view in Goshen, Tipton, Pixley, & Earlimart, California from March/April 2013

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