Explore 25,000 ancient sites in Google Earth with the Megalithic Portal

If you’re ready to do some exploring, an amazing compilation of sites assembled by Andy at The Megalithic Portal will keep you busy for hours!  He’s released a compilation of more than 25,000 prehistoric and ancient sites in Google Earth, well organized into sub-folders (or separate KMZ files if you prefer).


From his post in the Google Earth Community:

We have everything from mesolithic dwellings through to later prehistory, Native American sites and also including Holy Wells, Ancient Crosses and some other early mediaeval sites. Updates and full details are here:

There is extensive coverage of the UK, Ireland, France and Germany, with other parts of the world coming along fast as our hundreds of contributors submit new locations and images. If you know a site that we don’t list you can submit it here:

The current file is a 4MB KMZ download. You may find this overwhelms your install of GE, if so we also have smaller KML downloads for individual countries, counties/regions and site types available from The Megalithic Portal.

The downloads can be found on our “Browse by Country/Type” page

Great work, Andy!

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