When will my area get new imagery in Google Earth?

Here at Google Earth Blog we get a few questions almost every day through our contact form. We encourage you to use if it you ever have a question about any aspect of Google Earth.  With the fresh imagery released yesterday, a lot of you are wondering when your city will be updated.  We’ll answer that and some other questions below:

Do you have imagery for August 15, 2011 at 3:50pm? My house/car/business was broken into and we want to catch the thieves.

Sadly, this is incredibly unlikely. Because of the way that Google Earth imagery works, any given area is typically only updated once every few years. The odds that they captured imagery at the precise moment you need it, along with the the odds of the imagery actually capturing a detail that helps with the investigation, are very remote.

The imagery in my city is 3 years old. When will it be updated again?

The short answer is that we have no idea, as Google doesn’t release that kind of information ahead of time. We recommend that you sign up to be notified when new imagery is released in your area, and be sure to keep an eye on the “historical imagery” as it’s sometimes newer than the base imagery.

How can I get a live streaming view of Google Earth?

In short, you can’t. Despite what you see in movies like “Men in Black”, the government can’t either. While it seems likely that we’ll have a live-streaming Google Earth in the coming decades, the technology simply isn’t there yet. Not only would you need thousands of additional satellites capturing imagery (and the corresponding servers on the ground to process it in real-time), but there are also images with daylight, weather, angles, etc. Beyond that, I’m sure we’ll see issues with privacy begin to arise as well.

We again refer you to the “about Google Earth imagery” post to see how complex it is to add imagery to Google Earth. Having to cover all 57.5 million square miles of earth in real-time will be quite a challenge, but one that I know engineers are looking forward to tackling.

Be sure to check out the full basics section for more answers, don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions.

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  1. bernd reuter says:

    When the hell we will see any update of the strategic important harbor of Severodvinsk?

    • Military and Private instillation, along with anything that may be classified as Private, Classified, Restricted, or Governmental use only, are prohibited from google earth as per the ToS. I mean cause giving other countries unrestricted global imagery to any country is smart right?

  2. The nearest thing to live streaming that I know are the very useful radar based precipitation maps using Google maps which show an ipdating ‘animated loop’ based on inteervals as frequent as every 15 minutes, and currently giving a more precise picture than the radar based weather layer in GE. In the UK we have for example http://www.raintoday.co.uk/ normally ‘yes’ 😉

    Also, frequent imagery updates are not always welcome if quality and resolution slip, as has often happened recently. Keeping good imagery giving representative pictures of, say, working ports, is worth more than low grade imagery of the odd new building or road imho.

  3. archangelmichael2 says:

    “In short, you can’t. Despite what you see in movies like “Men in Black”, the government can’t either. While it seems likely that we’ll have a live-streaming Google Earth in the coming decades, the technology simply isn’t there yet.”

    *Insert buzzer sound here* WRONG!!!

    You sir have been hoodwinked! There are plenty of military documents you can find which people have put together showing a much larger picture of what’s going on in our military black ops and it’s not looking good.

    For starters all our military equipment actually comes from private companies which are the ones that benefit from this *War on Terror* because in reality peace is too boring and they would soon lose profits which cannot be allowed to happen.

    You”ll be amazed at all the dark and dirty secrets our government is either covering up or is too afraid to speak out.

  4. Deb Scott says:

    may 24: saw G-earth car in town today, Manhattan, Kansas. Please please come to our “new” neighborhood, now 3 years old. Miller Ranch area, Laussac and Lobdell. Thanks!

  5. My house picture is old when can it be updated

  6. Zach Lawless says:

    I live in Marlton, NJ (USA) and my area has been stuck on October 7th, 2011 for FIVE YEARS (as of now)! It’s 2016 now and we’re in dire need of an update over here. Also, my street never got a street view (I live in the Kings Grant development (thankfully, it’s not a restricted area)). I have sent Google feedback about this numerous times over the past two years, and they still haven’t gotten around to it, yet. Unbelievable!

  7. Moriah Tibbs says:

    2016 Jonesboro and brookland Arkansas want to know when the next picture for google earth will be

  8. I live in mentor Ohio and I really want it updated by my house. Not just because I wanna be outside and show off to my friends that I’m on google earth also bc my house needs updated on there it shows things that make my house look bad and I don’t like it. I hope u update soon. 🙂

  9. can not say says:

    when will the photo be took over Royton

  10. I too only see very old pictures of my coffee plantation in Karnataka india

  11. Kenzie Campbell says:

    When will Leawood, Kansas have another pic taken for google earth. I really want to know


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  13. Jeremy Estrada says:

    My area hasn’t been updated since 2014 when will u be updating it? I’m in the Imperial California area pls update

  14. kiley mullen says:

    im in glen mills pa when will it be updated

  15. Aidan Smiddy says:

    Honestly I really wish that they would worry more about small towns bc mine has not been updated since 2009 or around there.

  16. My house was built in 2003 and Google Earth still shows an empty field. 14 years is pretty out of date. Folks complaining about no update for three years should consider themselves fortunate.

  17. Izatullah Shahid says:

    I live in Afghanistan Khost province there no update imagery sine 2009
    all the imagery are old of 2009 so When I looking for our house which are built in 2013
    there is no house only the field are looking but no structure.
    Tell me when it be update it

  18. David Meyer says:

    Disney’s Hollywood Studios has not been updated for 14 months. Half the park has been demolished for most of that time, yet G Earth still shows it how it was. And I know for a fact there is professional aerial imagery from May 5th of last month. I think users would appreciate more frequent updates of places on the planet like this that receive millions of visitors per year. It makes Google look a bit lazy honestly.

  19. Elto Desukane says:

    Where to find New Google Maps Imagery?

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