Check out “Mapping with Google” to learn more about Google Earth

Running from June 10-24, Google is offering a new online course two geo-related areas: Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Maps: Explore features of the new Google Maps. Learn to create and share custom maps using Google Maps Engine Lite. Taught by Google Maps Product Managers Daniel Demetri and Beth Liebert.

Google Earth: Discover the world using Google Earth. Learn how to create and share a tour of interesting locations that tells a 3D geographical story. Taught by Google Earth Product Manager Peter Birch.

This video shows a bit more about the courses:

The courses are self-paced, where you can watch videos (or read text lessons) and apply the skills you learn. You’ll be able to connect with experts during the course via Google+ Hangouts.

At the end of the course you’ll have the opportunity to complete a project and earn a certificate. You can learn more about the courses and register now on the Mapping with Google site. As an added bonus, all participants will be given access to preview the new version of Google Maps.

If you’re wanting to learn more about Google’s geo products, this is a great opportunity!

(via Google Lat Long Blog)

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. Looks good for those not familiar with the products, but you will need a Google account, need to use Google+ to interact, and have a powerful desktop with the latest version of the operating system to preview new Maps.

    • That’s totally false. I have a medium- to low-end laptop, and my operating system is only Windows 7. The new Google Maps operates perfectly fine! I’m looking forward to the course!

  2. I look forward to seeing some of your readers there, I’m going to be helping out in some way.

    For school teachers, you might also like to try out an educational resource I’ve just released: GEFT (Google Earth for Teachers)

  3. rasheed says:

    How can I publish my data (Garden Points in KML ) to the world in google earth please.

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