The Boston Marathon Manhunt in Google Earth

In the wake of the tragic bombing and heroic capture of the suspects in Boston last week, a variety of tools have popped up to show where all of the events took place.

Google Maps Mania is a great place to start for resources like this, as they have a nice post that highlights some of the better maps that have been used over the past week.

Another good resource is this post on MyReadingMapped, which includes a very comprehensive map of all of the events.  You can view their entire list of locations on Google Maps, or download this KML file to see them all in Google Earth, as shown below.


The pursuit ended in the quiet city of Watertown, where the suspect was found hiding in a boat.  This simple file on Google Earth Hacks will take you directly to location of the boat.  As a nice touch, it also automatically adjusts your historical imagery slider to a time when the boat was more clearly visible.


If you have found any other great maps related to the events in Boston last week, please leave a comment and share them with us.

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