Hillforts in Google Earth

If you’ve not come across it before, Henry Rothwell’s Digital Digging site has a great deal of interesting content for Google Earth.  They’ve recently been adding a lot of information about “hillforts”, and they do a remarkable job of using Google Maps and Google Earth to show off these items.  A good example is the Banwell Camp page, shown below.


The screenshot above is an embedded Google Earth tour from that page.

As you dig around the site you’ll find quiet a few items of interest.  Check out the entire hillfort section for more on those; in particular, the Bat’s Castle page also includes the tour and other features similar to what is found on the Banwell Camp page.

Over the next few years, Henry plans to add every hillfort found in the country to the site.  In addition, he’s also adding embedded tours to the Sketchup model section.

If you’d like to keep up with the site you can grab their RSS feed, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Great work Henry!

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