Great use of Google Earth by the Urban Planning Department of Taipei

The Urban Planning Department of the Taipei City Government has built some amazing map-based features on their site that are worth checking out. The first is their swipe map, which allows you to select two of 16 timeframes and compare the two by dragging the center bar left and right. The map is similar to what we’ve seen before with items like this before/after comparison of the Tuscaloosa storm in 2011 and it works very well. The Taipei page is only available in Chinese, but it’s easy enough to understand how it works.


Their other noteworthy site is their 3D viewer, which shows the city in the Google Earth plugin, but with many more 3D buildings than can normally be found in Google Earth.

The building creation process for the city was apparently semi-automated, though details are sparse on how exactly it was done. Ultimately I expect we’ll see the new 3D Imagery replace the handful of 3D buildings currently found in Taipei, but for now this is a pretty robust solution.
Thanks to Steven Ho for letting us know about these!

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