Exploring Chattanooga in Google Earth

Our family is in Chattanooga, Tennessee today on a brief spring break trip, so I thought I’d spend some time exploring the city in Google Earth.
Chattanooga is only the fourth-largest city in Tennessee, yet it has some of the fastest internet speeds in the country thanks to amazingly fast fiber network throughout the city. Inside of Google Earth Chattanooga has very solid 3D building coverage, though the city hasn’t yet received the new “3D Imagery“.


Our first stop was at the Tennessee Aquarium last night. Despite living in Atlanta and having their awesome aquarium nearby, the Tennessee Aquarium is still a great place to visit. The 3D model of the building isn’t bad either!

You can view the aquarium in Google Earth by using this KML file.
Our primary destination today is Lookout Mountain, which none of us have visited before. We’ll ride the “Incline Railway” up the 72.7% slope to the top of the mountain, which offers views of seven different states (Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama). It’s quite a view!

Check it out for yourself by using this KML file.
Have you visited Chattanooga before? What is your favorite aspect of the city?

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