Tracking Satellites in Google Earth

Over the years, one of our most popular pages is the “positions of satellites around earth” display, showing the position of satellites in orbit. We’ve seen some other excellent satellite displays, such as this one from SES Astra, and there is a new one out now that takes things to a whole new level — SightSpaceStation.


In the screenshot above you can see three distinct windows. On the right is a map view to show the current location of the satellite, with an embedded Google Earth window below to the view from the satellite. On the left is a very innovative feature that allows you to choose your location and then see the satellite overlaid on Street View. While you obviously can’t see the satellite with the naked eye, it’s a brilliant way to show users where a satellite is located relative to their current position.
The site only has a handful of satellites available for now, but I expect they’ll add more in the future. Check it out for yourself at SightSpaceStation.
(via Google Maps Mania)

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