New Street View imagery in Bulgaria and Russia, updates elsewhere

Google has just pushed out a fresh batch of Street View imagery in various parts of the world. Thanks to GEB reader ‘Munden’ for being the first to let us know about it!
Including cities such as Plodiv, Varna and Veliko Turnovo.


Including Sochi (home of the 2014 Winter Olympics) and the Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Other Areas
They’ve also updated imagery in various other cities around the world including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and a few other countries including Portugal and parts of the United States (in California and Utah).
Remember that you can access all of this great Street View imagery from directly within Google Earth. Here’s a video that shows some tips and tricks on how to do that:

(via Google Lat Long Blog)

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  1. And Portugal…

  2. The blurring software seems to have gone mad on some images, for example here:,-0.166042&spn=0.001022,0.00284&t=h&layer=c&cbll=51.108257,-0.166204&panoid=hHQDRXxA9oqoNKcX30iVyQ&cbp=12,123,,2,6.74&z=19
    If you pan round that one image (and there are others) there are other examples of incorrect blurring of trees, walls and a distant window.

  3. Joseolgon says

    Braga in Portugal, now as Street View!

  4. Cooolll!!!!! Thanks!!!!
    at long last!!!! And when rest of Poland???

  5. Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada

  6. SpiderX22 says

    Indiana, USA
    (There’s a fullish list here:

  7. Boise, Idaho is finally in high res.

  8. @ Spider X22 I think a better, direct link to the timeline is
    and there is no more detail than on this blog except for a list of places in Bulgaria. But the timeline is good for anyone who wants to see the whole development of SV since its launch.

  9. Pictures from Bulgaria were made in autumn; bare trees, gray and sad streets, fewer people on the streets, all people wear their jackets and coats …

  10. Wednesday says

    Modesto, Merced & Tracy California has streetview from summer 2012

  11. Thanks for the images from Bulgaria !

  12. SpiderX22 says

    Hey Chris. They seem to have changed the timeline since last I looked. It was pretty clear on what got updated before. Bummer.
    Still wish Google released a network link for streetview updates like they do for GE image updates.
    Saw lots of late 2012 imagery in this new batch, but no 2013 ones.
    Also, Edwin, Cambridge Bay was added November 28, 2012

  13. Some pictures from bulgarian city Stara Zagora is foggy, and dark:

  14. I know I am a nobody but just want to point out that Ohio has street view images in many areas not updated since the summer of 2008!
    A lot of the images are so awful it makes you wanna barf!
    In particular
    One town Granville Ohio where we recently found out we have ancestors from the street view imagery is several years old though since they choose a sunny day you can see a lot of the neat 1800s houses.
    It’s amazing how BIG the yards are for most homes and NO FENCES!!
    We actually were going to go there ourselves as a vacation a few years ago but hit financial troubles which we are just saving up again.
    Dad wants to go to the Granville library to look up microfilm as our ancestors did some amazing things.
    Dad has made a timeline family tree and there is several pieces missing that you can only get by going there though he found some things on the internet.

  15. Will you do you more of Indiana? You missed several streets in my hometown of Jasper and nearby Ireland.


  17. Svalbard islands too. They are finally getting around to doing the Arctic.
    Hope they do Greenland soon

  18. @ Piotrek: Images in Bulgaria are from February 2012 throughout the year.
    @ Ted: Svalbard was uploaded November 28. 2012. About Greenland: I doubt that will happen. First of all there aren’t roads between the cities and villages, all transport between them is by plane or ship. If for Greenland it would only be for Kangerlussuaq Airport and surrounding area,
    That will be too expensive, even for Google. But you never know.

  19. @ Sladys thanks for reply. Plz say me, when all places from Poland will be ready? And street view will be make in dangerous countries e.g. North Korea, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Somalia, etc. ?

  20. Car is in Colombia I hope images will be available soon! I also hope car arrives to Argentina.

  21. The images from Bulgaria are taken in late winter and early spring in 2012 not autumn.

  22. @ icpart i know, but more of this pictures are from march 2013, when still bare trees, no greenery 🙁

  23. Pardon, more of pics are from march 2012

  24. SpiderX22 says

    Good sources for SV information:
    For knowing when new imagery is out:
    To see where the imagery is (and will be):

  25. In Juli and August the trike has been used in Sofia at the zoo and various parks. The trike or backpack was also in use in September 2012 in the ancient Bulgarian capital Pliska.

  26. I still waiting for pics from all places from Poland.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.