Detailed simulation of the interception of Flight 221

Over the years, we’ve seen Google Earth used to simulate a number of aircraft scenarios. While Google Maps is adequate for many simulations, the 3D nature of Google Earth makes it ideal for air simulations. Some great examples include Flight 1549 (into the Hudson River) in 2009 and the 1977 Tenerife Airport disaster.
Today’s example comes from CTV News (via Google Maps Mania), which shows us the tale of Sunwing Airlines Flight 221. The plane lost contact with air traffic control for greater than an hour, leading NORAD to send two Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighter jets to intercept.


Fortunately, the issue was simply pilot error and there was no real threat, but tensions undoubtedly ran high for a while. The simulation on the CTV News website uses the Google Earth Plugin to show all three planes in 3D, while playing audio of the radio communication.
You can play it for yourself on this page of the CTV website. Note that the Google Earth Plugin is required to play the animation.

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