Using SketchUp to reconstruct crime scenes

We’ve seen a lot of great uses of SketchUp over the years. Not only for creating 3D models in Google Earth, but using to to create real buildings, game design, interior design, augmented reality, animation and much more. Today brings a new use for it: crime scene reconstruction.


According to Detective Albert Schade, the man behind Crime Scene Interactive, these 3D crime scenes can be quite useful:

In law enforcement, we face several hurdles when bringing cases to court. During evidence collection and processing we obtain a large amount of information. When we testify in trial, we need to relate that information to juries — groups of people with very diverse educational backgrounds — in a very short period of time. Demonstrative exhibits help visually display that information. So 3D models and walkthroughs are incredibly useful for taking the vast data we’ve collected at a crime scene and relaying it in court so that a jury panel can make an informed decision.

For more, check out the full post on the SketchUpdate blog.

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