Tracking Winter Storm Nemo with Google Earth

The forecast models still aren’t in complete agreement, but it appears that Winter Storm Nemo could break some records when it hits the northeastern United States later today and tomorrow. It’s likely that many areas will see at least a few feet of snow.
As we’ve shown you in the past, Google Earth has some great tools to help track these kinds of weather events. To start, you can enable the “Clouds” and “Radar” layers under the main [Weather] layer to get a look at the current radar and satellite conditions:


The radar and cloud layers are actually positioned miles above the surface of the planet in Google Earth, allowing you to fly below them to see the original imagery. As a cute bonus feature from Google, if you fly below rain or snow you’ll actually see the precipitation falling when you’re below the clouds. Here is a screenshot with snow falling, though it’s hard to see when it’s a static image:
snow falling

To get details for a particular city, simply enable the “Conditions and Forecasts” layer, then click the icon for a city to get a detailed forecast:

Of course, you can also view radar information on your favorite weather site, many of which use Google-powered maps (such as my personal favorite, the “WunderMap” on Weather Underground).
If you’re affected by this storm, we offer you our best. Stay warm and safe!

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