You can now view Android “photo spheres” in Google Earth

Google has just made some quiet updates to the Street View data in Google Earth, finally adding support for business interiors and the new Android photo spheres. Thanks to GEB reader ‘Munden’ for being the first to let us know about this.
Google has been rapidly increasing the number of business with interior Street View imagery, but that imagery has previously been unavailable inside of Google Earth. Now if you zoom in far enough you’ll see small dark circles where you can drop pegman onto the map and see those interior shots right in Google Earth! The circles can be difficult to see and almost appear to be part of the map, but you’ll find them if you look carefully.


If you’d like to add your business so that it shows up as well, here is how to get started.
This new feature also allows you to view the nifty photo spheres that newer Android devices can capture. These are 360 degree panoramas that are stitched together from dozens of individual photos from your phone. They work great and you can now find them right in Google Earth.

For information on submitting photo spheres, this article on Android Central does a great job of walking you through the process of submitting them to Google for use on both Maps and Earth.

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  1. With these new Android uploads i totally disagre with you. Most of the uploads are terrible in the image.
    I wonder why Google doesn’t apporove/deny uploads. Soon Google Earth is spammed with useless dots like in Google Maps with the Ponoramio blue marks. There are so many duplicates you can’t hit many of the Street View lines or yellow indoor dots.
    It would be great if Google would get rid of those Panoramio dots and only choose it from the satellite square as they are in the upper right corner.

  2. It looks like Google is listening, Panoramio squares are no more. First i thought it’s some kind of bug but street view works fine with addition of this new blue circles in maps.

  3. Now the irritating blue panoramio spamming dots are back.
    It was only a bug by google. It just shows how google is. A totally amateur company you can’t rely on.
    Stupid panoramio dots and awfully bad map updates with updates of old maps. To see new you often have to go in the history feature.
    Many cars use google maps in satnav but with their “updates” I wonder why.

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