New Street View imagery from the Grand Canyon, Japan, Lithuania and updates elsewhere

Google has just released a big batch of Street View imagery, including the Grand Canyon, the country of Lithuania, parts of Japan and various other small sections in the United States. Thanks to GEB readers ‘Munden’ and ‘Micah’ for letting us know about it!
Grand Canyon


Last summer Google unveiled the “trekker” backpack for capturing Street View imagery on foot, and last fall they announced they were capturing imagery from the Grand Canyon. That imagery has now arrived!
There is imagery from all over the canyon (here is a good place to start), and they even ventured into Meteor Crater to capture the amazing imagery seen above. All told they’ve added 9,500 panoramas from the area, covering over 75 miles of trails and nearby roads.

As you can see above, one neat thing they added in Japan was the entire indoor area of an airport. In addition they’ve added several department store interiors, subways stations, and more.

Google has also added new imagery in Lithuania, as well as various small sections in the United States (and likely elsewhere in the world).
Remember that you can access all of this great Street View imagery from directly within Google Earth. Here’s a video that shows some tips and tricks on how to do that:

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  1. Thanks 🙂 And when more photos from Poland?

  2. ccpetersen says:

    That picture labeled “Grand Canyon” is not the Grand Canyon. It’s Meteor Crater, which is NOT in the Grand Canyon but lies about 100 miles away.

  3. Good to see Street View coverage of the three Baltic nations completed with comprehensive coverage of Lithuania – ‘low key’ but attractive landscapes, still with evidence of the Soviet dominated era but mainly free of the clutter of global corporations.

  4. Almost all of Arizona got new high res imagery.
    Any idea where else in the USA got updates?

  5. Yay! I thought Google forgot about the US of A or they were hurting from the economy.

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