New Street View imagery in Israel; updates elsewhere

Google has rolled out a rather substantial Street View update this morning, covering hundreds of towns in Israel and updating various other cities across the world.


Some of the highlights include the Sea of Galilee, the Western Wall and the Bet She’an National Park. GEB reader ‘Munden’ also spotted fresh imagery in parts of Maryland and Virginia in the United States, and there’s likely other areas out there as well.
Remember that you can access all of this great Street View imagery from directly within Google Earth. Here’s a video that shows some tips and tricks on how to do that:

For more about this update you can read this post on the Google Lat Long Blog or see a bit more coverage over on Google Maps Mania.

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  1. Now is avaiable only in google maps, but no in google earth :/

  2. SpiderX22 says:

    In fact, I can’t get ANY of the typical blue lines to show up on GE, anywhere in the world. :/

  3. Dave Timpe says:

    Street view is still there, even without the blue lines.

  4. And Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia ?

  5. There seem to be 3 new sets of imagery (dated 4/26/2012, 5/21/2012 and 10/19/2012) for Christchurch, NZ. The effects of the post quake rebuild are very clear in the central city area.

  6. Now that Google is slowly going inside businesses they need to do parking lot/garages as well so people new to cities can find out where the best parking is.
    Portland Oregon for example has the Smart Park system where if you buy something over 20$ you get a discount on parking.

  7. Update. In Portland Ore. You actually get free parking at least that was 5 years ago when you buy something over 20 dollars.

  8. NO BLUE LINES – this has happened to me running GE 6.1 in OS X 10.6.8, although Street View imagery is still there if pegman is dropped somewhere. There doesn’t seem to be a fix from Google.
    Is this a GE 6.1 issue or a Mac issue, and does any GEB reader know a fix (which would be much appreciated)?

  9. BLUE LINES – they are featuring again, at least in some places. Seems like it was a global, cross OS/platform and version issue, possibly caused by a server failure – see the many posts on this forum!msg/earth/PlGEtopovfM/IRNS7ozdjp4J

  10. I had that problem for two weeks where even though images were there they would not show up as blue lines.

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