Meograph adds drap-n-drop, longer narrations and more

Meograph started out as a pretty neat tool, but their rate of improvement is very quickly turning it into an amazing tool. A few days ago they released three new features that help make the system easier to use.


The new features include:
Map drag-n-drop: Reposition map markers easily, to get the exact location you want.
Precision video selection: Video start/stop times are now text-editable to the decimal place, to get the exact clip you want.
Longer narration: Now record up to 20 seconds per moment, to get the exact voiceover you want.
Here’s a great example of a Meograph that takes advantage of these new features:

You can try it for yourself at
Have you built anything noteworthy on their platform yet? If so, share it in the comments below.

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  1. How come the street view fad died? If you google *Street view updates* you’ll get truck loads of articles between 2006 and 2008 when Google went to many US cities and suburbs but after that it slows to a trickle.
    Hardly any articles from either last year or this year except a few interior shots in Toronto Canada.

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