Explore the Game of Thrones “Westeros” in Google Earth

Google Maps Mania recently posted an entry that featured a variety of maps that help you explore the continent Westeros from the TV series “Game of Thrones”.
The map created by theMountainGoat includes a very high-quality Google Earth KML, allowing you to pan and explore every facet of the continent.


He has a variety of KML files available. The version 2.0 KMZ is very comprehensive, but quite resource intensive. If your computer has difficulty handling it smoothly, the version 1.1 KMZ might work better for you.
Learn more about those files on theMountainGoat’s Google Earth page, or see more great Game of Thrones maps in the full post from Google Maps Mania.

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  1. Someone also posted a kmz file to Reddit recently that lets you view the Forgotten Realms as an overlay on Google Earth (a RPG game map I think).

  2. thats just great… version 2.0 just froze my computer… so much my mouse stopped !!!!!!!
    version 2.0 is unholy !!!

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