100,000 new tours added to Google Earth

When Google Earth 7 was released last year it brought with it a variety of excellent new features. Among them was the new “tour guide”, allowing you to ride along on a tour of famous locations.
Google has just announced that they’ve added 100,000 more tours across 200 countries, with more than 1 million Panoramio photos included in them to help enhance the experience. That’s a LOT of tours! You could spend a lifetime trying to visit all these places. Try visiting some places you always wanted to visit and get a 3D experience and photographs like no other. The photos are chosen from the best ranked photos for those locations.


As with the existing tours, these new tours are available in the desktop version of Google Earth as well as in the mobile apps. The tours will automatically arrive in your copy of Google Earth, with no software update required.
This short video shows a bit more about how they work:

(via +Google Earth)

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  1. I wonder if anybody have contact with any kind of Google Earth screensaver – I mean something that randomly or not visits different places inside Google Earth and is possible to be installed as a screensaver in Windows.
    I think ideally it could take coordinates from Wikipedia for example to make it more interesting.
    The only thing I’ve found out is this (takes coordinates from Twitter):

  2. I have to warn you if you are going to search it though that there is some kind of spyware crap that is a fake Google Earth screensaver – 3D Earth Screensaver. So watch out.

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