Visualizing 14,000 ski lifts with Google Earth and Fusion Tables

There are a lot of weather sites on the internet, but a new site has hit the scene and is off to a great start — Uber Weather.


Uber Weather has most of the features you’d expect from a weather site, including current conditions and forecasts, along with millions of business and POIs to augment the map including 14,000 ski lifts. Zoom into a ski resort and you can right-click to view the resort in the 3D. The 3D data is still rather limited, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.
Much of their data can be found in this collection of Google Fusion Tables from which you can view and download various information. For example, this KML file will show you 1120 ski areas provided by
Their goal is to eventually monetize the site without resorting to standard ads, perhaps through POI sponsorship. It’s a powerful product, so hopefully they can monetize in a way that makes sense for everyone and avoid the clutter that plagues so many online weather sources.
Lastly, as pointed out Google Maps Mania yesterday, they now have an extension for Google Chrome to help improve things further.
Check out everything they have to offer at

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  1. It’s amazing site. Love to see how render thousands of markers

  2. Anyone can get these ski lifts quickly and easily using the same method Uber Weather did. WeoGeo has the complete OpenStreetMap dataset available as KML (or many other vector formats).
    Uber Weather customized the order getting only the ski lift layer which is part of the Aerialway layer of OSM ( ).
    I blogged last month about why OSM was such a great resource and those who need KML datasets should take a look ( ). The OSM data on WeoGeo is totally free so you can start grabbing the KML files and using them in Google Earth, Google Fusion Tables or any software package that leverages the KML file format.

  3. It is really great to know about this. I did not know about this. Thanks for sharing.

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