New Google Imagery – December 17

Thanks to a post from Dave Spracklen in the Google Earth G+ Community, we’ve learned that Google has just updated imagery in a variety of locations around the world.


As they’ve done a few times, this imagery appeared first in Google Maps, and as of now still hasn’t arrived in Google Earth. You can compare the two programs side-by-side to see if a specific area is new.
Depending on the city that you check, you’ll need to be aware of a few things. Tucson, Arizona is a great example; in Google Earth you need to turn off the “3d imagery” (under Tools –> Options) to see the base imagery, and in Google Maps you can’t zoom in too far or else you’ll hit the 45 degree imagery (which was captured at a different time).

  • China: Qingdao, Xujia
  • Croatia: Rijeka
  • Greece: western part of Athens, Perama
  • South Korea: Chinhae and a lot of the port area
  • United States: Arizona (Tucson), Washington, DC

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Tirana & Durrës, Albania.

  2. Brussels, Belgium


  4. Google has a link for pointing out problems with maps:
    There are several options you can select. One is “image more than three years old”. No guarantee that it will produce results.

  5. Just to point out that the post being linked to has extra locations not mentioned here already that have updates.

  6. New images in:
    – Granada (Nicaragua)
    – Coast part of the Miraflores district in Lima (Peru).

  7. La Concepción, Maracaíbo and Punto Fijo areas in Venezuela were also updated.
    The new imagery is now available in GE as well.
    BTW: GE 7.0.2 has been released.

  8. Ouargla (Algeria) has brand new 2012/11 imagery.

  9. Huambo in Angola also has new 2012 imagery.

  10. Pristina airport area (Kosovo) now in high-res.

  11. Helensburgh\Darkes Forest, NSW, Australia from 15th Nov 2011 looks to be newly added. Some of the imagery is covered in cloud.

  12. Punto Fijo, Venezuela…

  13. In a great area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil we have new 2012 images.

  14. CANADA-Ontario: I can see that the Omemee, Emily Township, Belleville and Trenton areas are now updated.

  15. The new imagery is now available in the historical images mode. Still no KMZ updates.

  16. They’ve got some new imagery for Christchurch, New Zealand that’s only about 2 months old, giving you a good idea of how their recovery is coming on after last year’s earthquakes.

  17. Papeete, in Tahiti, also has new 2012/10 imagery.

  18. bernd reuter says

    On base of the same material from Digital Globe you can see the difference of Bing and Google. For example look at the S-400 site at 54.682116° 21.006162° and 54.684538° 21.013021° –
    Why the hell nobody at the google so called “quality control” realize that kind of maltreatment of material and take preventive action ???

  19. @bernd – I dare to disagree. Although I am keen to identifying SAM systems, I do believe that most people prefer better white balanced and sharp imagery. The Bing shots you presented show an anoying green colour cast that reduces contrast and sharpness. So, with less zoom, the Google images are better in general at that location.
    For me, the best setting would be somewhere between either approach: remove the colour cast but with less contrast enhancement.
    Anyway, you are wrong in saying that those pictures are made “On base of the same material”. Clearly they were captured at different moments and Bing uses an oblique shot while Google shows a vertical perspective (that’s why you can’t see the erect lauchers as clearly).

  20. bernd reuter says

    @AC – if you like to monitor SAM sites then go to the S-200 site at Homs Syria 34.622793° 36.771514° and compare google with bing!
    Bing offers you even a clear view to the Square Pair Radar (around here 34.630345° 36.772203°) and to the SA-8 point defence (around here 34.621190° 36.766846°) – you can even pinpoint these relatively small launchers…on Bing!
    That’s what I mean with “Quality”

  21. A week on, a KML is overdue.

  22. Hey guys,
    stay calm. It’s Christmas! 😉

  23. bernd reuter says

    …now Christmas is over….

  24. Bangor, ME. You have to zoom in tight to 45 deg. imagery to go from 2004 to 2012 imagery. Not yet available in GE.

  25. The KMZ has finally been updated.

  26. Strange. There is imagery dated March 23, 2012 in the Netherlands (Haarlem-Beverwijk), but this area has never been indicated in any KMZ-file in 2012.

  27. I forgive Google for taking so long on the KMZ, cause this update is HUGE!

  28. January 14 Google latlong blog is still trying to track Santa…. 😉

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.