New Google Earth Imagery – November 26

Thanks to some sharp-eyed GEB readers (‘Bob’ being the first), we see that Google pushed out some fresh imagery a few days ago.


You can grab the Imagery Updates KML file to see the exact locations of the new imagery, but it includes areas of the upper-midwest and western United States, some in Mexico, quite a bit in Pakistan, sections of China and small areas in dozens of other countries.
In addition, Google has added some new “historical imagery” from the New Jersey shore and New York City taken just after Hurricane Sandy.

If you need help accessing the historical imagery, here is how that feature works.
Thanks to Bob and everyone else that let us know about this update!

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  1. When polish cities or other towns? When Lubuskie ?

  2. Hello,
    even though this has not much to do with this imagery update I want to tell you my concerns that I have right now. Yesterday I was looking at Bing Maps and discovered that the Nokia Imagery which Microsoft uses is for whole germany in high resolution and of date 2011 to 2012. I prefer using google earth rather than any maps program but up to date imagery is for me the deciding criteria. Maybe you know about this problem and can write a comment in your blog about it. I would appreciate.
    PS: I think this up to date imagery is not constraint to germany.
    best regards

  3. hi res imagery in cluj romania

  4. ,,, and Sandy Island is still there 😉

  5. @ Falco, it is not limited to Germany but to the whole USA and Western Europe. That is due to the ongoing Global Ortho program that has taken place at Bing in the last few months/years. Even yesterday a new update was released, besides the usual satellite updates:
    However Google still has much better worldwide coverage and Bing has a lot to catch up. Besides that, while Google frequently updates certain areas (where most people live…), Bing Maps stays static a lot longer. This means that what today is a state of the art and recent coverage of Europe by Bing, will probably become obsolete in a few years. You just got lucky at this time (close to release).
    The best choice is to get imagery from multiple sources, as they complement each other (Google Maps/Earth, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, Nokia Maps and,,,, Bhuvan, Kosmosnimki, etc).

  6. @Falko: look at historical images, they can be more current than those displayed in Google Earth per default. In my hometown they are from about the same time as in Bing-Maps (spring 2012).

  7. Dave Timpe says:

    They’ve also added some 45 degree imagery. Green Bay, WI wasn’t in the previous batch, now it’s there.

  8. BING – the best thing about Bing Maps in the UK is that they have the the complete national Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map in scrollable form, cartographically way ahead of any other map at that scale, but with no ‘interactive’ data features, and generally Bing Maps is distinctly clunky at our typically modest broadband speeds.
    The OS maps are an option in the Bing ‘maps’ menu, but I have not yet found anything similar, say from the IGNi n France, elsewhere.

  9. Karachi,Pakistan (Southern,Northrn,Eastrn)

  10. Hello,
    How do I find out the source of the updated imagery (parts of 5 counties is western Illinois)?

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