New Google Earth Imagery – November 14

It appears we have some fresh imagery this morning! Thanks to GEB reader ‘Munden’ for letting us know about it.


As is almost always the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!
Some of the updated areas include:

  • Germany: Munich
  • Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore
  • Switzerland: Dietikon, Kloten, Lausanne, Vevey, Winterthur, Zurich
  • United States: Nebraska (North Platte)

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. The Munich imagery has actually been updated in Google Maps and not Google Earth. It’s newer and spans a lot further up to the Munich Airport. I hope they will include this in Google Earth too, because it’s not only newer but also alot sharper in those areas outside of Munich. The same goes for Zurich.

  2. Zürich have the new 3d iamgery about a week now. Its very bad if you go closer… I made a Video to compare Google Earth V6 and 7:

  3. idiots! why the hell update what already is? all the time only the United States, Germany, but Poland neglect.

  4. Novi Sad and Niš Serbia are updated also.
    But in maps only maps and not in Google Earth.

  5. I think the Update is only in Google Maps until now. Can’t see any new imagery in GE V6.

  6. Clearly only Maps has been updated so far in Munich, but whether these new images are any ‘sharper’ is difficult to tell when the default in Maps is ‘bird’s eye view’ when zoomed in. Does anyone know if this can be turned off (Maps Help is no use)? Also are there keyboard controls for reorienting ‘bird’s eye view’?

  7. When having “bird’s eyes view” move your mouse to the “maps”-icon in the right upper corner. A pulldown-menu should appear. In this menu uncheck “45°”. I think Maps remembers your choice, until you clear your cookies. Then the “bird’s eyes view” is the default again.

  8. @ Maarten Many thanks, and it shows that the new Maps (and now GE) imagery in Munich is very sharp high res … until Street View pops up on maximum zoom 😉

  9. North Platte has already been updated since September.

  10. Hongkong was updated, too!!

  11. Prishtina, Kosovë (10/4/2012).

  12. McMaster_de says

    Border Counties between Minnesota (Jackson,Martin,Faribult) and Iowa (Clay,Palo Alto,Dickinson,Emmet)

  13. McMaster_de says

    Kansas: Ness & Trego County complete; Parts of Sheridan, Gove, Graham County

  14. Cristobal Jordan says

    Santiago, Chile (April 16, 2012)

  15. GE has now been updated to reflect the changes so that it matches Google Maps imagery. It is odd that Maps was updated first, but I don’t think it’s the first time that has happened.
    With the new dates, you can more clearly see the updates to places like North Platte. Why they updated with an image only a month after the other, I don’t know. The date changes are much more evident in places like Zurich though.
    Hopefully they’ll update the KMZ information soon too.

  16. For now, the simplest way to find new imagery is to check the timeslider. If the default image isn’t in the timeslider, it’s part of the update.
    California: Lemoore, Fresno
    Wisconsin: Hayward
    Illinois: Effingham
    Oregon: Eugene

  17. India: Byculla (southern bit of Mumbai)
    Luxembourg: Luxembourg
    Russia: Mayskiy, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  18. Tulare & Visalia, CA was updated but the resolution is low

  19. They FINALLY updated most of Santiago with imagery from 15 April this year. Yay!

  20. Eastern Seoul (South Korea) and Pyongyang (North Korea) has been updated too.

  21. Aside from updated imagery appearing on Maps before GE, another change from previous practice is that the Google LatLong blog featured news on 16 November of what appears to be a large update before the KML/KMZ has become available.
    Some interesting choices though in the list of “international” [LatLong’s term] places with new 45 degree imagery, with coverage of characterful but relatively obscure places such as Cherleroi in Belgium and Hudderfield in the UK

  22. The F1 track in Austin got an update!

  23. The KML has been released and is in the “latest imagery” section on GE. 🙂

  24. The 12 November KML/KMZ has become available today, but does not appear to show all the updates listed in the LatLong blog post of 16 November.
    Any explanations?


  26. The KML is now available.

  27. kindly update the imagery date of the above location in the URL

  28. The KML/KMZ for the 16 November update is now available.

  29. Both the KML and the history layer are now updated.

  30. Great Article. Some parts of Brazil have also been updated, but here in our country updates take too long. Site with excellent locations in Brazil in Google Earth:

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.