Mapping the 2012 US Presidential Election

While I haven’t found any great Google Earth-based maps for this year’s United States Presidential Election, many sites have created some excellent interactive maps to help predict (and then later show) the results of the election.
CNN has a variety of maps, including the prediction map seen below. As votes start being talled this evening, they’ll be updating this map with the results.


The Huffington Post
The Huffington Post has a similar map as we saw from CNN, trying to predict which candidate will win each state.

As you would expect, Google has a plethora of election-related information through their Politics & Elections section. Included in there are tools to help you find your voting location, trends for the past few months and other tools like the campaign explorer, which shows where the candidates spent their money.

If you’ve found any other great maps online, please leave a comment and let us know about them. Please keep the comments geo-related and nonpartisan; there are plenty of other sites where you can talk about why your candidate is the best one.

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