Geography Awareness Week


Each year during the third week in November, the National Geographic and other organizations help celebrate Geography Awareness Week. The focus is to help raise awareness of the importance of geography education.
This year’s theme is “Declare your Interdependence!” and it “explores the idea that we are all are connected to the rest of the world through the decisions we make on a daily basis, including what foods we eat and the things we buy.” Through the Geography Awareness Week website they have tools such as their Global Closet Calculator, which helps students show how everyone is connected.

In addition, they’ve produced a toolkit for organizations that would to have any kind of event or outreach activity this week.
I encourage you to view all of the great resources that are available on the official website.

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  1. As a teacher, I’m always looking for new ways to teach my student about the world around them. This blog has been great for giving me ideas on how to do that using technology and I absolutely love this Global Closet Calculator you mention. Thanks for sharing it and great job on the blog.

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