Visualizing the ZeroAccess botnet in Google Earth

The ZeroAccess botnet is a very widespread malware threat that has been infecting computers around the world for years. It’s estimated that the current version of ZeroAccess has been installed over nine million times, with roughly one million PCs still infected.
The folks at F-Secure have plotted nearly 140,000 infections on Google Earth, based on the IP address of the infected computer, and the result is an amazing (and rather scary) map.


Along with the screenshots, F-Secure has also released the KML file so you can view it yourself (inside of this zip file, which also includes a CSV of all of the data). Be warned, though, it’s a huge file and will take quite a while to load on your computer.
If you’re concerned that you might be infected with this malware, McAfee offers a free tool to help you get it cleaned up.

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