New Google Earth Imagery – October 18

It appears we have some fresh imagery this morning! Thanks to GEB readers ‘Popescu’, ‘Gorazd’ and ‘Bob’ for letting us know about it!


As is almost always the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!
Some of the updated areas include:

  • Romania: Simeria (northern part) — thanks ‘Popescu’
  • Slovenia: Western part of the country — thanks ‘Gorazd’
  • United States: Pennsylvania (Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Hershey, State College) — thanks ‘Bob’

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Arches NP, Utah

  2. Ah-Shi-Slpe-Pah (Wilderness Area), New Mexico

  3. All United States area is updated!!! Very Good.
    But there are a lot of areas in other countries that ARE NOT!!!!! Please update the whole planet!
    In this case the country Colombia hasn’t been updated.

  4. Berlin, Germany – YOOHOOO!!!!

  5. Leipzig, Germany

  6. There was an update september 27 which i wrote to the mods about but they never wrote about it.
    That update you can see in the known kml.

  7. Cool! But when other cities in Poland?

  8. No one knows, just Google ­čśë

  9. USA:
    Topeka, KS
    Kansas City, MO
    (large area, extends out to Sedalia including Whiteman AFB)

  10. USA:
    Indianapolis, IN
    Middleton, OH
    Cincinnati, OH (and down into KY)
    St Louis, MO

  11. Russia: Moscow (horrible quality!)
    Palmdale, CA (including Edwards AFB)

  12. USA:
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Tulsa, OK
    Dallas, TX
    Portland, OR
    Lewistown, Montana
    Seattle, WA
    Tacoma, WA
    Bremerton, WA
    Everett, WA
    All of those Washington cities seem to have been all done together. it’s a huge area.

  13. Jorge De Albertis "Auquicu" says:

    Lima (Per├║)updated.

  14. More areas in Eastern Slovenia as well
    – Maribor
    – Lendava / Als├│lendva
    (Ljubljana not updated)

  15. More areas in Slovenia:
    – Ptuj
    – Velenje
    – Slovenj Gradec

  16. Santiago needs a full update. Lots of new roads.

  17. China:
    Weifang, Shandong
    Jilin, Jilin
    Guiyang, Guizhou

  18. Pity that the new imagery in Slovenia has no date. Wonder how recent this imagery is…

  19. When will the new imagery show up in the historical imagery layer. It’ll be easier to find new imagery that way.

  20. New York City is updated too but only visible in Timeslider mode.
    Various areas around the World are updated there too. An example is Dresden, Germany.
    Silly Google that you hide the newest in that mode.

  21. Viroconium Cornoviorum Roman city at Wroxeter, England

  22. The roman city update is also only visible in timeslider moder. You can also see the Roman house built for a show in National Geographic.
    The street view trike has also been there.

  23. Dave Timpe says:

    Usually, when an update only shows up in historical imagery, it isn’t as good as the default image. They should have done that with Moscow. Did anyone at Google even look at that muddy mess?

  24. I have been watching and commenting on Google’s increasing sloppiness over image quality for some time, but the mess in Moscow (with newer and better imagery in historic) is the worst yet.
    It is difficult to understand when the Maps default, once updated, will open Google to the same criticism as Apple maps, and why worsen this generally brilliant product and its competitive position …. unless things are seriously awry at Goole … and we are hearing some stories

  25. Dave Timpe says:

    The KMZ is updated, but the update doesn’t seem to work.

  26. It’s working now.

  27. The new imagery is now available in the Historical Imagery layer. Unfortunately places with no dates are not… This means that new images for places in Slovenia cannot be accessed if there are high resolution images available (Ljubljana).
    If you get a whole country covered, then it should be available…

  28. New York City is updated too but only visible in Timeslider mode.

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