More updates to Meograph: Geo optional, more browsers, new verticals

We’ve covered Meograph and their “four-dimension storytelling” a few times on GEB, as it’s an excellent product to help tell stories with a heavy dose of geolocation baked in.


The product has already come a long way in the short time since it was launched, and this week they’ve unveiled a few new great features:
Geo optional: At first glance, this isn’t a great thing. However, it actually makes the geolocation more relevant in the stories. A good example is from their Whitney Houston demo. It’s interesting to know where she was born, was discovered, etc, but not as interesting to know that the interview she taped with Diane Sawyer was filmed specifically in Atlanta.
Browser support: Meographs can be authored now in any browser (including mobile). Previously, Meographs could be played from any browser but only be created in Google Chrome.
Vertical-specific pages: They’ve created a special page for journalists ( that lists benefits for news organizations. They’ll be adding journalism-specific content there, with other verticals coming soon.
To learn more you can check out the demos at or try creating one for yourself at

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