Google Earth A to Z: Under water

Released as part of Google Earth 5 back in 2009, the 3D Ocean is an amazing feature. Being able to fly below the waves and see the ocean floor with true 3D bathymetry is quite remarkable.


Google has also added the ability for users to create and load 3D models in the ocean. There aren’t many of them under there, but there are a few amazing models to see — such as the Titanic.

Last week, of course, we saw the brilliant new underwater “street view” imagery from Google. It’s still not available in Google Earth, and we don’t know why, but we expect it will be soon. It’s an incredible way to view the sea, and hopefully it will come to Google Earth soon.

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  1. Just noticed the other day that you can’t see the ocean floor at around the 180th meridian; the terrain is a long line at sea level.

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