Using Google Earth for Social Good

social-good-summit.jpgIn a few weeks, the third annual Social Good Summit will be held in New York City. As they have for the past few years, there is quite an impressive list of speakers including Pete Cashmore of Mashable and Christina Bellatoni from the PBS NewsHour.
Also speaking at this event will be Rebecca Moore, Engineering Manager for Google Earth Outreach. Google Earth Outreach was formed more than five years ago to help nonprofits and other organizations to take advantage of Google’s mapping tools to solve big problems. Among other things, we’ve shown you how they helped map out the Gulf oil spill, give away valuable grants, and share amazing images of some of the work they’ve done.
Rebecca will be discussing how Google Earth is being used to make a positive impact in the world. If you’ll be in New York from September 22-24, it’d be a great conference to attend. If not, they’re hosting Meetups in more than 350 cities around the world in an effort to help as many people join the conversation as possible.
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