New Street View imagery in Croatia, Chile and Andorra

It appears that Google has just pushed out some new Street View imagery for a few countries:
Andorra: most of the country
Chile: Santiago, Concepcion, and Valpraraiso
Croatia: most of the country


Check it out for yourself on Google Maps or in Google Earth. If you’ve not used Street View in Google Earth before, here’s a quick video to show you how it works:

(via +Dave Spracklen)

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  1. juan martin says:

    Buenos Aires? when?

  2. Finally!

  3. Google have done well in adding three distinctive and contrasting countries.

  4. And when there are more Polish cities?

  5. Now that they did Andorra, hopefully San Marino is not far behind.

  6. Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, Argentina…. when??

  7. @Ted, San Marino is on Street View and has been for a few months, IIRC.

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