Street View expanded to 150 additional university campuses

Along with a variety of other updates on Google Maps, there are now 150 additional university campuses that now are covered by Google Street View.
Just a week ago I came across an article from the University of Michigan where they discussed the “strange-looking tricycle” riding around the campus (the tricycle, of course, is the famous Street View Trike). The imagery for Michigan hasn’t been made available yet, so it seems that more schools will be coming in future updates.


The list of universities where Google has Street View imagery available is quite impressive in size, and is continuing to get larger. This is an excellent use of Street View technology, and I expect Google will continue to roll it out to more schools around the world.
In addition, as pointed out by +Dave Spracklen, Google has made indoor locations very easily accessible. Previously you had to go onto special webpages to get inside. These include all of the businesses that have gone through the Google pictures program.
For now, though, you can go inside two ways. You can drag the pegman into large blue dots. These act differently from the photo blue dots. These only appear when you’re zoomed in for starters. Here is a good location to see the dots. Just drag the pegman into the scene for the dots to appear.
Secondly, they have added special arrows to allow you to go indoors if you happen to ‘walk’ by the outside of a location. These appear as double arrows. See this example in Japan. You can walk into the restaurant, as noted by the double arrows pointing into it.
All of the imagery is available in Google Maps, but you can also find it in Google Earth. Here is a quick video showing you how to use it:

In addition, Google has created a new video showing some of the cool things you can do with their geo products:

(via Google Lat Long Blog)

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  1. FYI, if you’d like to see how the indoor photos are taken:

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