New Google Earth Imagery – September 19

Google has quietly pushed out an imagery update, and it covers hundreds of areas in dozens of different countries around the world. Thanks to GEB readers ‘Andreas’ and ‘McMasterde’ for letting us know about it.


Google has already updated their “imagery updates” KML file, so you can use it to see all of the areas around the globe that have been updated. None of the imagery is incredibly fresh, most coming from March-May of this year, but new imagery is always a good thing!
If you come across anything noteworthy in the new imagery, please leave a comment below and let us know about it.

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  1. ‘None of the imagery is incredibly fresh, most coming from March-May of this year’
    March-May this year? I’d be happy for my UK city’s imagery to be in this decade.

  2. Europe in general does not get many of the “hundreds” of updates – Brazil seems to have done best – but at least we have a rectangle of new imagery of ripples on Lake Vanern in Sweden 🙂
    And, despite recent clear weather over London (UK, for the benefit of those using the new Apple maps), there is still no imagery of the finished Olympic park (ca anyone explain what looks like a mass of sticks with a river running through it in the image of the centre of the stadium?)

  3. You should be happy with such recent imagery. Large parts of the Netherlands have imagery from 2005. And the last major update in the Netherlands was done in july 2010.

  4. Austin and most of it’s suburbs got an update.

  5. Costa Concordia shipwreck is now visible.

  6. @Chris: Can’t guess? Zoom out a bit!! It’s a view of the Thames in the Grenwich area. 🙂 Part of the industrial revolution show in the opening cerimony of the Olympics.

  7. @ AC I’ll go with the Thames, which is what it looked like to me, but was anything that big used in the opening ceremony?

  8. @Chris: It was just a background, where all the factories, machines, chimneys, etc, rose during the show:

    At the beggining of the show it was all covered in grass (rural days), removed after 1st chapter.

  9. @Chris:
    If you click on the Timeslider button you see the compleeted Olympic Stadium.
    But the image is very poor (very cloudy)
    South of London is a dark blue rectangle covering a large area.
    I wonder what’s going on in the brains of the Google people. Why do this when some cars have satnav with Google Maps. Just silly.

  10. @ AC Thanks for the info and link – all makes sense now, and worth another viewing.
    @ Sladys Looks like a take over by Apple maps. But seriously that is the worst imagery, or non imagery, I have ever seen since GE was launched. Does anyone from Google or their contractors even look at the published product? If so, you can only be very worried.

  11. Lille (France) area has been updated today, with views taken last summer.

  12. The entire Arctic area is flooded in the latest update in timeslider mode. Greenland is now under the sea, most of Alaska and 1/3 of Canada, most of Scandinavia and Northern Russia too.

  13. @ Sladys There are strips of ‘non submerged’ imagery in this huge rectangle. But it only makes it worse, and, while you could joke about a merger with Apple maps, this massive error/terminal decline in quality is very worrying. I doubt Google will explain, but let’s hope they fix it.

  14. Google just pushed another small update, complete with KML file (27 September) and official update notes for both releases:
    Great new very high resolution imagery including Pisa and Toulouse. As usual, new GeoEye imagery is poor… Just compare the two Pisa updated patches (3/2012 from GeoEye and 7/2012 from unknown source)

  15. @ AC Thanks for the info about the further update – clears up a mystery of why some excellent new imagery seen recently in France was not shown on the 18 September KML, but the new imagery in Newcastle on Tyne UK (mentioned in LatLong 28 Sept) is in neither of the two most recent KMLs

  16. @Chris Newcastle is listed only as having new 45 degrees imagery, which is not viewable in Google Earth (only in GMaps). So it shouldn’t be on the KMLs.
    The imagery that you see in GE was updated in the September 1 release.

  17. @ AC Thanks for the further clarification – I was mislead by the fact that the new (1 Sept) GE imagery of Newcastle is from the same fights as the new 45 degree imagery in Maps. The high quality is very welcome …. but it gets more tricky to see what Google are up to 🙂

  18. Jose Correa says:

    Lots of updates on Brazil lately, but the biggest metro area of the country and South America Sao Paulo, is largely outdated. Several new highways, metro lines and new buildings and complexes. An important new ring road is mostly not shown!

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