Meograph releases an enhanced authoring tool

I’ve been a big fan of Meograph since it was released earlier this year, as it’s a great tool to help show news stories using a heavy dose of geo reference. The big downside to it was that creating a “meograph” of your own was a fairly complicated thing to do. With their latest update, the authoring tool has become much easier to use, as you can see from the demo below:

They’ve also just added a new feature that showcases a fresh meograph each morning with highlights from the 2012 Presidential Election coverage. You can find this daily feature at
Here is an embedded version of yesterday’s update, which makes great use of photos, videos, audio, all with geo reference behind the content.

Meograph is shaping up to be a very powerful tool, especially with these new authoring tools and the continued refinements to the service. It’ll be interesting to see if adoption of the tool continues to grow in future months. Try it for yourself at

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