Tracking Hurricane Isaac in Google Earth

There are a lot of great tools online to help track storms such as Hurricane Isaac. Google Maps Mania listed a few, and James Fee posted a sizable list.
Adding to the toolset, Google has now launched their Crisis Response Map for Isaac, which includes public alerts, weather radar, path predictions and much more.


If you’re in Google Earth, there are some great tools available to you in there as well. By opening the [Weather] layer, you can turn on near-real-time [Clouds] and [Radar] layers, which show the storm gaining strength:

If you turn on the main [Places] layer in Google Earth, a small hurricane icon will appear in the center of the storm. By clicking the icon you can view news, advisories, as well as three and five day path predictions.

We’ll be sure to update this post as we learn of any other tools for tracking this storm.

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  1. Some time ago I found the application created by the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC-CIMSS) has created a huge set of climate-related overlays that can be viewed in Google Earth.
    The post is on my blog (, this week I went back to post by Isaac. Due to time and vacation .. no scope to show a little potential as a tool for data analysis in such natural phenomena.
    When you download the file can view different folders, selected regional products, then NorthEast Pacific and we see a lot of information about ISAAC (do not put name because now it’s not .. I think tropical storm.
    With GE KML can see in real time:
    Winds and Analyses
    Layer Mean Wind Analysis
    Satellite Movies
    View and analyze the images .. are incredible .. 😉

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