The 200th anniversary of the War of 1812

The start of the War of 1812 just reached its 200th anniversary, and Ian Brown at Google Sightseeing has written a few posts on how to explore famous battlefield and memorial locations in Google Earth and Street View.
The first part of their series covers locations in Canada, including “Fort York” in Toronto, which had been formed to defend the capital city (and is 3D in Google Earth):


They go on to show a variety of landmarks around the country, including various monuments such as this one for British Major General Sir Isaac Brock, clearly visible in Street View:

The second part of the series travels south of the border to the United States, where Ian again points out a remarkable number of battlefields, monuments and other historic areas. A great example is the USS Constitution in Boston Navy Yard, which is in excellent 3D in Google Earth:

In all, the two posts do an excellent job of using Google Earth, Google Maps and Street View to highlight some of the historic locations from the War. You can explore further by reading the full blog posts (Canada, USA) or download the KML files to see the featured locations in both countries (Canada, US).

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  1. 1812.
    We fired our cannon til the barrel melted down so we grabbed an alligator and fought another round. We filled his head with canon balls and powdered his behind and we touched the powder the gator lost his mind.
    We fired our guns and the British kept a coming. There wasn’t as many as there was a while ago. We fired our guns and they begin a runnin. Down the Mississippi to the Gulf Of Mexico.

  2. You never mentioned that Washington was occupied, including the Whitehouse

  3. I hope the War of 1812 coverage will continue to Baltimore – Ft. McHenry, Star Spangled Banner, Battle of North Point… Lots of history there!

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