Great new 3D models from Steve Cline

Over the years we’ve shown you some amazing 3D models from a variety of people including Artur Mazur, Guillaume Godin, PeterG, Andy Dell and many others.
Today we’re going to show you a few pieces from Steve Cline, who has done some excellent work as well.
The first is from Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster Pennsylvania. They’ve opened up a few new buildings and Steve has modeled virtually the entire campus:


He’s also modeled a handful of famous mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. The Preservation Society of Newport owns and manages these amazing historical mansions for tourists to visit. Some famous American Industrialists, such as the Vanderbilt family, constructed these mansions as summer “cottages”. A great example is “The Breakers”, shown here:

It’s largely due to the work of people like Steve (and thousands of others) that Google Earth is such an amazing product. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how things shift in the coming years as Google continues to roll out the new 3D Imagery, which essentially replaces the hand-crafted models that have been built by these users. It’ll be interesting to see how Google chooses to roll the 3D Imagery out to the desktop versions of Google Earth later this year — will we still have access to these great models, or will they simply become inaccessible in areas that have 3D imagery available? We should find out in the next few months.
In any case, great work Steve!

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  1. I think google execs jumped the gun in selling off Sketchup.

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