Google Earth A to Z: Measurements, Mobile, Mars and Moon

The measurement tools in Google Earth can be quite handy. I’ve used them a few times to map out the length of a run, or grab a rough estimate of the width of my yard.
To get started, simply click on [Tools] and then [Ruler] and start clicking. You can measure a single line or a complex path, and you can see the distance in a variety of formats: Meters, Inches, Miles or even Smoots!
To learn more about measuring distances in Google Earth, you can read this detailed post from last year.


Google Earth first hit mobile devices nearly four years ago when it was released for the iPhone. In early 2010 we saw the first Android version released, and the software has continued to improve.
The release of Google Earth 2.0 on Android brought us 3D buildings and the recently released version 7.0 includes a few cities with the brand new “3D imagery”. The future of Google Earth on mobile devices will be amazing.
Mars and the Moon
While Google Earth is obviously built for looking at our home planet, it also allows you to view our moon and Mars in remarkable detail.
Released in 2009 as part of Google Earth 5, Mars mode is just what you’d expect. By clicking the planet icon at the top of the screen and choosing “Mars”, the blue and green of earth changes out to the red and orange of Mars. It includes 3D terrain, and a selection of layers to highlight noteworthy areas.
Google Mars

A few months later, Google released a very similar feature for our moon. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the moon features some excellent layers including tremendous models and details related to the Apollo 11 mission.
Look for both the moon and Mars by clicking the planet icon at the top of your screen, as shown here:
Google Earth mars moon

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