360 Panorama from Mars

360Cities.net has been a part of Google Earth for nearly four years, when their panoramas were first added to the [Gallery] layer of Google Earth (it was later moved to the [Photos] layer). Members of 360Cities.Net have added thousands of panoramas in the 360Cities layer Google Earth, and now have one that shows off a great image from Mars Curiosity!


While the 360Cities panorama isn’t in the layer in Google Earth yet, Google has recently added a Mars Curiosity layer to the Mars mode for Google Earth. They have also added different panorama from Mars Curiosity to the software. If you click the planet icon at the top of the screen, then choose [Mars], you’ll get a fresh new set of layers. Drill down to [Mars Gallery] > [Rovers and Landers] > [MSL Curiosity Rover] > [Panoramas] and you can see a stunningly sharp panorama in there.

I expect we’ll see the 360Cities panorama in the Mars layer at some point, but in the meantime we strongly suggest you check out all of the other amazing layers that are featured in Google Mars to help you explore the red planet. You should also check out the full collection at 360cities.net, featuring tens of thousands of beautiful panoramas from across the globe — and now across the universe!

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    This is some view! Fantastic.

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