New Google Earth Imagery – July 13

Imagery updates are becoming harder to spot these days, but sharp-eyed GEB reader ‘Munden’ just discovered the latest one. It doesn’t appear to be too widespread, but the imagery is very sharp.


Interestingly enough, London has not yet been updated for the upcoming Olympic games. We’re still thinking Google will probably refresh it before the games begin, but we’ll find out soon.
As is usually the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!
[UPDATED – July 14, 2012 — 1:04pm EST]

  • Germany: Berlin, Wiesbaden
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Indonesia: South part of Malang and Blitar
  • Spain: Ocana
  • Syria: Damascus, Hamah
  • United Kingdom: West Midlands county
  • United States: California (Petaluma, Salinas, Santa Rosa), Florida (Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa), Illinois (Champaign, Decatur, Peoria, Springfield), Iowa (Davenport), Ohio (Dayton), New Mexico (Bisti Badlands), Pennsylvania (Lackawaxen), Texas (Throckmorton)

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Sorry, I was wrong about Bloomington. I don’t know what I was looking at, but they didn’t get an update. The rest of them are good though.

  2. Iowa: Davenport

  3. Lackawaxen, PA

  4. Sean Hattersley says

    The West Midlands county in the United Kingdom has new imagery. Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stourbridge, and Sutton Coldfield are all covered.

  5. Syria: Damascus

  6. Hungary: Budpest

  7. California: Petaluma

  8. California: Santa Rosa
    Ohio: Dayton

  9. Berlin, Germany

  10. USA: Bisti Badlands, NM

  11. Good luck trying to take aerial photographs of London – we’ve had four months of almost continuous rain and black clouds…

  12. Aldin Abazović says

    Syria: Hamah

  13. schorsch says

    Wiesbaden, Germany

  14. Indonesia: south part of Malang and Blitar.

  15. USA: Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater area, Florida

  16. McMasterde says

    Throckmorton, Texas

  17. McMasterde says

    Spain: Ocana

  18. SpiderX22 says

    You spelled Munden as “Muden” in the first sentence, fyi.
    Nice to finally get an update!

  19. Florida: Cape Coral
    Tennessee: Knoxville
    Kentucky: Owensboro

  20. LONDON Olympic site – Google will be very lucky if they can get new imagery before the games start. Not only has there hardly been a day of clear sky over London this year, but the forecast is for cool, cloudy and wet weather until the start of the games. Blame the off track jet stream.
    However, there is some new Street View imagery in London, although the cars couldn’t really get near to the Olympic area because of security, but you can see Europe’s new tallest building – the Shard – from London Bridge if you like such monstrosities.

  21. Tennessee: Kingsport
    Bulgaria: Sofia

  22. yes Chris!blame the global warming…

  23. Budapest and Sofia were updated 1,5 months ago (6 june), not these days.

  24. spiderpc: as for Budapest, you’re wrong this is newer imagery and believe me because I live their and know what I’m talking about

  25. spiderpc, just because they were updated recently doesn’t really mean anything. If you check both you’ll see that they have been updated yet again because the GE image does not match Google Maps. Mumbai got 3 updates 3 times in a row last year.
    Lately, though, I watch some of the European country cities such as these since I suspect Street View isn’t too far in the future for them. Google seems to want to make sure they have decent imagery for them, thus the frequent changes like this.

  26. Sorry, that edit didn’t work right. I meant to say that Mumbai was updated 3 times in a row last year.

  27. There is new imagery for the London Olympic site (25 May 2012) but it’s in the historical imagery. It’s from GeoEye so the quality is not the best but it’s ok.
    @Cheap Supplements
    That’s definitely not the reason, Bing Maps already has high-res imagery of the completed venues in London.

  28. USA: Evansville, IN and Owensboro, KY.

  29. kml upated

  30. @ Joeran LONDON Olympic site: the Bing imagery looks as if it was flown on a slightly different occasion over the still incomplete site cluttered with construction materials on a rare clear day in May, and Google must be hoping against the odds for some better imagery of the completed site.

  31. When is oz getting a update?? Pls post and not an email 🙂

  32. namewitheld101 says

    FIFTY one new images in USA – all time record!!

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.