Google Earth A to Z: GPS and the Google Earth Gallery

Because of the open nature of Google Earth and the KML format, it’s easy to import GPS data in a variety of unique ways. You can use it to hunt for great places to go geocaching, or share runs from your ski trip with your friends.
Taking it further, you can use the excellent “track” feature that was introduced in Google Earth 5.2 for even more robust visualizations.
Of course, Google Earth on mobile devices is a different animal. Thanks to the introduction of mobile KML support and the native GPS on most mobile devices, there are a lot of great ways to make use of that while on the go.
Google Earth Gallery
If you’re looking for more great content to explore on Google Earth, their gallery is a great place to start. The Gallery includes over 600 items, including data, image overlays, tours and more. We’ve been discussing the gallery for more than five years, and it’s steadily improved over that time.
In addition, the Google Earth 6.2 update for Android and iOS that we mentioned above also includes full support for the Gallery. You can browse the entire selection of items on your device and load them right there.

mobile gallery

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