Google Earth 7.0 released for iOS

When Google Earth 7.0 was released for Android last month, it brought with it the new 3D imagery and the promise of an iOS release “soon”. Google has now released it for iPhone and iPad, bringing most of the great Android features over as well.


The list of features is now virtually identical to what you have on Android, including 3D imagery and the slick new “tour guide” feature. It’s still missing the standard 3D buildings, and I expect that’s a feature that iOS will never see; given Google’s new push for 3D imagery, most efforts will likely be pointed that direction as well.
Now that the 3D imagery is on iOS, the next question is wondering when it’ll arrive on desktop versions of Google Earth. Google’s Peter Birch told TechCrunch that it should be available before the end of the year. We’ll certainly keep you posted as we hear anything related to that.
You can download Google Earth 7.0 from the iOS App Store here.

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  1. Just downloaded it on my iPhone. From the point of view of this new technique modeling automatically almost every nook and cranny, including cars, trees, etc, they’ve done a great job. From the point of view of the modeling itself, I’m not so impressed. Viewed from far away, things look great, but zoom into buildings, and things fall apart very quickly. It seems to me they’ve added more polys than necessary using this technique, and what should be modeled as a straight line turns out looking tessellated, almost as if fractal detail were added. I’m not sure this is an improvement at all. Maybe it will be get better over time. But for now, this is some of the worst low-poly modeling I’ve ever seen …

  2. It’s only working with the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 4.
    So for us with “only” the 4 it’s a bad update. Wonder if the hot weather in CA has hith the brains of the Google Earth developpers.

  3. I’m afraid it’s not very hot in CA this summer. So your comment isn’t quite applicable.

  4. The has been “stealth” imagery update which is now shown in kml file which shows it was done 24th of July.

  5. The 3D buildings have been implemented differently than on Android. Only the new autogenerated layer is visible on iOS, the traditional building layer is not available on iOS.
    On the plus side, Google has fixed the KML coloring problem and network links work on the new iOS version.

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