Using StreetView to validate 3D models

Despite the upcoming changes to 3D in Google Earth, it’ll be quite a long time until 3D buildings go away (particularly away from major cities). If you’re into 3D modeling, the folks at G Element have come up with a great way to validate the quality of their 3D models. Using a tool that they’ve created, they can view the models alongside Street View and see how things look.


They’ve created a short video to show more examples of how this tool works. As a modeler, I’m sure something like this would be quite helpful.

As you can see in the video, their models are quite impressive and remarkably accurate. G Element has been around for a while, as we first covered them on the site nearly five years ago (though the Earth@SG initiative has since been shut down).
They’ve created a sizable collection of models in Singapore, some of which can be seen in this video. Along with 3D models, G Element also works to help make GIS layers available in Google Earth for layman users who may not be familiar with ArcGIS.
(via the G Element Blog)

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  1. MarloweD says:

    I like the concept, when can medium size cities in the USA. Why is it that the large major cities always get the WOW videos.

  2. We used Google Maps on a project which modeled the Olympic village to monitor the accuracy. It would have been a real struggle without it.

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