View historical shoreline surveys going back to 1841

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has been mentioned on Google Earth Blog quite a few times. They make excellent use of Google Earth as a way to visualize the vast amounts of data that they process.
They’ve recently released a collection of nearly 8,000 shoreline surveys that have been collected over the past 171 years. Using Google Earth, you can preview and overlay any of the surveys in a very intuitive manner. Thanks to the way that Google Earth handles image overlays, wrapping the imagery over the terrain, the results can be pretty interesting:


To view the data in Google Earth, you can load this KMZ file, which will show the outlines of all available areas. Use the timeslider at the top to choose a range of years, then click on the outline of an area for details. The “Preview” option for each item will load the data directly into Google Earth, filling the space that was outlined.
For more, you can visit the NOAA Historical Shoreline Survey Viewer site.

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