The history of Google Earth on mobile devices

Every week, the Google Maps team hosts “office hours” — a streamed Hangout on Google+ where you can ask the team questions and learn more about what they’re working on. Their latest installment featured Josh Livni and Peter Birch, and covered quite a bit about Google Earth. They discussed the history of Google Earth, the history of Earth on mobile, and some of the directions for the future.


They also referenced Paul van Dinther’s excellent work to bring the “Perpetual Ocean” into Google Earth, which was certainly an excellent animation.
Now, thanks to the new “Hangouts On Air” feature that can stream and record Google+ Hangouts, the entire 30 minute video is available for you to view. If you’re interested in the current state of affairs of Google Earth and Google Maps, it’s a great video to watch.

If you’d like to join them live in the future, stay in touch via the +Google Maps API page on Google+. While you’re out there, be sure to add +Google Earth Blog to your circles as well!
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