PeterG’s great new model of Saint Basil’s Cathedral

We’ve shown you work from 3D modeler ‘PeterG’ quite a few times here on Google Earth Blog. He built one of the first great 3D interiors that we saw, some nice 3D tours of Mount Urgull, and quite a few other models.
His latest work is the remodeling of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow, Russia. It’s a stunning model that you need to see to believe.


To go check it out for yourself, you can fly there by using this KML file. Be sure to have the [3D Buildings] layer turned on to view the building.
He has also built a nice video to show off the model, so if you’re not able to access Google Earth right now, this video will give you a good look at what he’s done:

Great work, PeterG!

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  1. Note: Based 3D model used in the new version was initially created by Arrigo da Silva in 2008.
    He explains on his blog a great story about this cathedral

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  3. Thanks Mickey ¡¡ great article ¡¡

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