Non-spherical panoramas on 360cities

Over the years we’ve mentioned quite a few times. They have a great product that is easy to use, and even have their own layer inside of of Google Earth. The panoramas that they allow people to create can be quite stunning:


They’ve recently added some new features such as being a part of Flipboard on iOS as well as the improved Google Currents. However, I think their best new feature is support for non-spherical panoramas.
Historically, 360cities has only supported fully spherical images for use in panoramas. This means that the image must not only have a 360 degree view, but must include imagery when looking straight up or down. The result is amazing panoramas such as the one below:

The problem is that people often have 360 degree imagery, but it doesn’t have the complete image directly above and below the camera. In the past, you needed to pad the image with black strips along the top and bottom in order for their site to accept it, but that’s no longer necessary.
To try it for yourself, simply head over to your upload page and upload a new panorama. To explore more of the works on their site, dig into their layer on Google Earth (found inside of the [Gallery] folder) or check out some of the editor’s picks on their site.

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