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Meograph’s “four-dimension storytelling” demo goes live

While I was at Where 2012 last month, I sat down with Misha Leybovich to discuss a new product he was working on called Meograph. At the time there wasn’t anything to show, but they’ve just launched their first demo and it’s looking quite impressive.
They call it “Four-dimensional storytelling”, adding geospatial information to go along with photos, audio, video and text. The result is a very compelling way to share a story, as seen here in this screenshot from the Whitney Houston demo.

While you can’t yet create your own meographs on the system, that ability is coming soon. They’re hoping to open it up for registration sometime this summer, though journalists can request alpha access right now by emailing Ultimately it will be a great tool for telling stories about the news, which can be embedded on your own site. It reminds me a bit of the Google Earth Diorama, in that it gives you an easy way to embed other media into the Google Earth Plug-in.
At this point it appears that Meograph will be a bit easier to use, while Diorama will be more powerful. However, both products are still being developed and it’ll be interesting to see how they progress.
You can explore the Meograph demo site at

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