How Google Earth is being used by the Philippine National Police

Over the years, Google Earth has been responsible for helping a huge number of non-profit and other worthwhile organizations around the world. We’ve shown you how environmental groups have been using Google Earth for more than six years, how it’s been used to fight against rainforest logging, and Google Earth Outreach consistenly showcases many other amazing organizations from a variety of countries.
Similarly to the others that have used Google Earth to fight against deforestation, the Philippine National Police have been using Google Earth to fight illegal logging in the province of Laguna.


Here is their story, in their words:

On behalf of all the personnel of Philippine National Police (PNP) Laguna, I would like to express our gratefulness for the wonderful gift of your Google Earth services. It contributed a lot and it has been a great part of our efforts against illegal logging here in the province of Laguna. Nationwide, we are shocked by the effect of the natural and man-made calamities wreaking havoc to our country resulting to loss of lives and properties. Man-made calamities are greatly attributed to rampant illegal logging and deforestation thus causing flash floods and landslides. Since Laguna had been one of the most affected areas of flash floods and landslides, the Laguna PNP initiated the creation of a dedicated Provincial Anti-Illegal Logging Task Group “BERDE” purposely to ensure the implementation of OPLAN “BERDE (Boost Economic Reserves for the Development of Ecosystem). Through the help of Google Earth, we were able to locate specific targets of our OPLAN BERDE. Our operations yielded positive results on illegal logging sites like Cavinti, Laguna that was identified by using Google Earth. Initial operation last April 13, 2012 resulted to the recovery of forest products, machinery equipment, tools and conveyance abandoned during apprehension. Google Earth has been a major contributing factor to the success of our operation. Because of you and your innovative services, we can keep moving forward towards the attainment of our goals in the field of law enforcement.

As Google Earth imagery continues to become higher resolution and update more rapidly, it will become an even more useful tool for organizations like this one.


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  1. IF ONLY Google spend some more effort on countries like the Philippines… the amount of high-res is still very low. In 2010 there was a big boost in addition of Philippine high-res, but in 2011 and the first half of 2012 nothing much has happened, unfortunately.
    I understand why we’re not a priority, and am grateful for Google for such a wonderful product, but I do hope Google will give us a little more priority: esp. because, as proven in this article, it can be a very useful resource for police and many more people.

  2. Just like the bible said. People shall travel to and fro across the earth (which only now can happen at such a rapid rate) and there will be wars and rumors of wars that Jesus is at the door.
    Right now the door knob is turning and the door will slowly open letting the light shine thru which will be blinding to the powers of darkness that runs this planet.
    I can see Google Earth being a tool used by the Beast which he will announce some kind of real-time tracking scheme most will fall for in order to be protected from terrorist and hunt down those who don’t follow his scheme.

  3. I am sure he will use Google to boost his ego as well which people will try to worship him.
    Obama had ladies literally fainting at the sight of him and they have schools singing songs about him which has NEVER happened in the US history.
    Not even George Bush would allow something like those things to run for very long before cracking down on it.
    The Patriot Act when GB was President has a clause that excluded US Citizens but now that has been over written by the big O.

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